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Creating Simple Styles with Relaxed Hair

1 Wear your hair loose. For a sleek, chic look, straighten your hair and wear it slicked back.[1] For something fancier, curl your hair using a 2-inch (5-cm) curling iron. Finger-comb your hair to get soft, voluminous waves.[2] Dress up a straight, slicked back style with a headband.[3] Switch up a wavy style by parting it off …

Integrating WordPress with Your Website

Have you tried Wheaties? They’re whole wheat with all of the bran. Won’t you try Wheaties? For wheat is the best food of man. They’re crispy and crunchy the whole year through, The kiddies never tire of them and neither will you. So just try Wheaties, the best breakfast food in the land! It doesn’t …



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